A Blonde Gambler

A Blonde Gambler

A beautiful Swedish blonde walks into a Vegas casino and goes

straight to the roulette table. She smiles to the two dealers and

bets $20,000 on one spin. 

“I hope you don’t mind,” she says in a dreamy voice, “but I feel

much luckier naked…” and she peeled off all her clothes, staying

completely naked.  “Come on, baby, mommy needs a new set

of clothes!”


The roulette wheel stops on 13. “I won I WON!!!” Shouts the blonde

and jumps in the air in excitement

She collects the winnings and her clothes, hugs the dealers and


The two dealers looked at each other in shock, until one of them

pulled himself together and ask: “Did she bet on 13?”

I don’t know,” said the other dealer. “I thought you were looking…


1. Not every gamble relies on luck.

2. Not all blondes are stupid.

3. But men – are always MEN!





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