The Sweet Joke of the Day for Oct 17, 2009

The Sweet Joke of the Day for Oct 17, 2009 is:

A man was filling out a job application form.

Whe he came to the question, “Have you ever been arrested?” he wrote “No.”

Not realising that the next question was only for people who answered “Yes”, he wrote “Never been caught.”

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A bank manager was interviewing candidates for a cashier’s post, and was down to the last two people.

One was a nice young man, but a bit timid, so he calls for the second applicant, “Mr. Johnson!”

Up steps a burly young man who seems very sure of himself.
The bank manager thinks, ‘he looks like he can take care of himself’ and decides to hire him.

He says, “Now, Jim, I like the way you carry yourself. However, you did not fill out where you received your education. Where did you receive your financial education?” Jim replies, “Yale.”

“Excellent,” says the manager. “You’re hired. Now that you’re working for us, what would you prefer to be called?”

Jim says, “I don’t care – Yim, or Mr Yohnson.”


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