Laurel and Hardy

Laurel: I have a wonderful tonic to make you laugh. Do you want it?
Hardy: Yeah, why not? I will consume it three times a day so that I can keep laughing through out the day. By the way what is its name?
Laurel: Funtonic
Laurel: Why are you standing in the sun without your clothes?
Hardy: I am trying to dry the sweat on my body.
Laurel: ?

Laurel: Hardy, I have recently changed my job. Now I have thousands of people working under me.
Hardy: That’s great news. By the way where are you working?
Laurel: I am working on the top floor of the 100 storeyed building.
Hardy: ??!!
Hardy: Laurel, I find a nice book in your hand, what is it?
Laurel: Well, it is my autobiography.
Hardy: Taking the book in his hand, but this book is empty!
Laurel: Never mind. I haven’t achieved any thing worthwhile to write. In the end you can find my autograph.
Hardy: ????

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