World’s Most Difficult Kissing Positions

The sight of dozens of shoppers passionately kissing each other in a mall would be surprising in any country, but especially so in China where public affection is frowned upon.But that’s exactly what bemused shoppers stumbled upon at Zheng Xingyuan Mall, in the city of Xi’an in northern China’s Shaanxi province, which had organised a public kissing competition.But it was no ordinary snog fest – the couples were challenged to come up with the most difficult kissing position in order to take out the prize of 888 Chinese yuan – about £90.

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The offer of a cash prize even tempted two male friends to jump onto the stage and kissed in various positions, including one pinning the other to the ground, and holding him suspended in the air mid-kiss.However, the top prize winners turned out to be a couple who were total strangers before the contest.Their karma sutra kissing wowed the judges and they walked off with the prize.The mall said the final result was not important and gave all couples a free box of drinks for taking part.‘The competition is to let people in love express themselves and enjoy the moment,’ said Mr Bai, spokesman for the mall.


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