Gold Bowl

In ancient times, in India, lived a very powerful and rich King.

He was equally pious and charitable.

His daily routine was to take bath in a river flowing near his palace


before outbreak of first rays of Sun.


His subjects knew of his this ritual and they also knew that the first 


person who approaches him at that hour gets his wish ful-filled.

One fine morning, the King was as usual taking his bath in the river.

He was using a gold bowl to pour water over his head and body.

As the King was walking out of the river on finish of his bath,

a poor old brahmin (Hindu priest) slowly walked towards him taking 

support of a walking stick, holding his other hand up in a gesture of  blessing to King.

King being very pious offered his obescience to the Brahmin and asked

him for his purpose of visit.

Brahimn replied : “Oh Master of this kingdom, I have a daughter to be

married off and have no money for that. I have come with great hopes of your help.”

King who was holding the gold bowl in his hand instantly offered it to him



in charity and invited him to palace if he wanted more.


The Brahmin satisfied, walked away.


A Minister who was present on river bank observed this and most respectfully


said : “My Lordship, in our Hindu philosophy, we perform all good and holy


tasks with right hand, but I observed that you gave away the gold bowl with


your left hand. Surely, the God will not recognise this as your charity.”


The King smiled .. and replied .. “Minister, when the brahmin approached me 


with his request, I was holding the bowl in my left hand. Had I passed it to 


my right hand, it is possible that during that fraction of moment I may have


changed my mind. Charity does not require second thought. It must be 


instantaneous on the very first thought of doing it. Besides, while doing


charity one should not think of its’ returns..!”

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