Friend or Foe

How many of you have had bad feelings of dislike or good feelings

of attraction towards a complete stranger, for no reason?


Following story from a Sikh religious book illustrates

one such incident and teaches us how to counter such feelings

and convert a foe into a friend.

In olden days when India was being ruled by Rajas (Kings), a

merchant decided to get rich quickly and started a business

of selling sandalwood hoping that people would prefer to use

it in cremation of their dear ones. The things turned out to

the contrary, as people could not afford to buy sandalwood due

to its exhorbitant cost compared to ordinary wood.

The merchant was in great financial difficulty and was hoping

some rich person to die so that he could sell his sandalwood

for his cremation.

It so happened that one day King of the State happened to pass

by his shop with his Ministers and soldiers . A thought crossed the

mind of merchant .. what if this King dies, then surely my entire stock

of sandalwood will get sold out and I will recover my money.

On the other hand, King cast his look on merchant and for no reason

felt hatredness with a thought of hanging the merchant to death.

This thought disturbed King for several days. At last he called his wisest

Minister and asked him to find out reason behind this.

The Minister disguised himself as an ordinary citizen and visited the

merchant and in a friendly chat found out his wish and the reason for it.

The Minister came and narrated it to the King and explained to him that

it was because the merchant wanted him to die, the vibes of that thought

created equal and opposite thought in the mind of King against the merchant.

The King was himself a wise man and decided to put an end to this negative

field between him and the merchant.

Next day he ordered that the merchant be presented before him.

Accordingly the Merchant was produced before him who stood with folded

hands, trembling with fear.

To the utter disbelief of merchant, the King expressed his desire to buy over

his entire stock of sandalwood, ostensibly for a religious ceremony (havan).

As soon as the merchant heard this, his negative feelings towards King

turned into positive feelings, which in turn resulted the King’s feelings towards

merchant into positive ones.

Morale: You can win over a foe by taking an initiative yourself to do a

favour to him, thereby weakening his feelings of animosity towards you.

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